October 27, 2016

Coney Island – A Deer Sanctuary

Ok now that I establish that having the OBS on Coney Island is  not a good idea, what will be a better option if the itchy handed Gahmen die die cannot leave the place in tact.

I will suggest turning the island into a tourist attraction which will attract not just local but tourists to a side of Singapore that tourist seldom see. Turn it into a animal sanctuary where animals can roam free without barriers. Perhaps something like Nara Park where deer roams freely. So how about Coney Island – Deer Sanctuary?

Singapore still have a small population of Sambar deer. To grow the population, what better than to have a place where they can roam free and without danger from prey and cars? Coney Island is perfect for this purpose. It is a small little island with only 2 entrances to it which can easily be reconfigured so that the deer cannot escape to the mainland and scare the hell out of the little darlings of Punggol. There are no preys on the island other than monitor lizards and wild boars. dsc_0096

The deer can roam freely. Visitors to the island can mingle with the deer like they do at Nara. Of course to defray the cost of maintaining the island and the deer, the authorities  can charge a entrance fee.  The fee will also help to keep the number of visitors down so as to not overly disturb the deer.

And in no time, we will haveour population of Sambar deer back to healthy level.


So how about it? Wildlife Reserve Singapore, Tourist Board,anybody?

PS: Photos are half effort photo shopped version of Coney Island with deer from Nara Park for illustration purpose only

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