Sungai Lembing

I never heard of this place before but somehow I heard about a race there and on a whim decided to sign up for the race and at the same time look see look see the place. And after 8 hours of travelling, we finally reached into the past! Yes that was how the place looked. It remind me of those scene one see in those Mediacorp pre war drama series or of places one see only on old postcards in museum.

This is the main street of Sungai Lembing.


Probably takes no more than 10 minutes to walk the whole place but within the town of Sungai Lembing itself, there are much more than the main street. Sungai Lembing built its fame from its tin mine. At one time it has the largest underground tin mines in the world. That glory days are now over but there are still remnants of the tin mines like the Tin Mines Museum. DSC_1531

Even the chalet we stayed in had a tin mine tunnel!


Other than the tin mines museum, there are  a fair number of things to do and see like a 3D Gallery, an adventure camp and plenty of hiking options like a climb up to Panorama Hill to watch the sun rise or sun set or a trek to Rainbow Waterfall. (more on these 2 in later posts). Of course a visit to Sungai Lembing would not be complete without visiting its namesake the Sungai Lembing or Lembing River.DSC_1628

There are multiple bridges including 2 suspension bridges spanning the river offering beautiful and postcard worthy view of the river and the town.dsc_1635


Venturing further out into the kampongs or villages, one is taken back into the days of P Ramlee and Pontianak shows with quaint little kampung houses.dsc_1616

And of course we never go to any places without trying the local food. Sungai Lembing has one market cum cooked food centre selling all sort of Chinese food including this popular Yong Tau Foo stall.290816-001

We had dinner at another place famous for its tomato noodles which I wasn’t very impressed with and on another day we had lunch at a coffeeshop selling one of the best roast pork I ever tasted.20160829_132413

It was a interesting 2 days there. Manage to do a short race, did some climbing and went on a long bumpy ride. More of these later. But certainly I was glad to have been there and despite the small place enjoyed myself pretty much.

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