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September 9, 2016

Durian Makan 2016

This year durian makan starts late. The poor crop at the beginning of the usual season in June led to our annual makan being postponed and postponed and then other commitments cropped up and before we know it, it is almost the end of the season.

So we gathered a few fellas and off we went. But instead of Ah Loon, this time I elected to try a new place that has just opened this year. This stall is in the heart of Siglap and Frankel located in a coffee shop. Not easy to find. And when we reached, there was no display of the usual durians. Instead there was just these 3 red baskets of durian which apparently was the one that were reserved for us! And that was the sum total of the stall. So what drove us here? The selling point that I heard about this place is they have a super duper Merah durian. M has tried this and spoke of how good it is. Unfortunately at the last minute, the boss messaged and said no Merah. The quality was no good and he rejected the lot. Sad!

So anyway, since we were there we might as well just enjoy whatever available. We started off with the  XO. dsc_1710

Sadly they were too wet and too “bitter”. A very very big disappointment.


Next up was something new for us. Tekka or Bamboo durian.dsc_1707

This is supposed to be a rather rare durian so I guess we were lucky to try it. The durian flesh is quite thick and rather creamy. Not everyone at the table like it though.


This was followed by 2 “Tai Wan” durian.  I am not exactly sure what is the real name of this durian. The durian were rather longish in size.dsc_1708

But what a disappointment. Both durian were not quite ripe with the flesh too hard with one almost not edible.  We complained to the Boss and he did not charge us for it which was a consolation.

Tai Wan
Tai Wan

Last but not least, we finished off with the usual Mao Shan Wang. The boss claimed his durian are from Segamat and not KL or other part of Malaysia and they were supposed to be good. dsc_1717

And yes they were good which was a relief. The 6 of us had 3 XO, 2 Tai Wan, 1 Tekka and 5 MSW. Certainly that was not enough. And since they had no more durian other than what was reserved for us, we went to good old Ah Loon where we “tabao” more durian.

Durian season should come to an end by the end of this month so  hopefully I can squeeze in one more session soon!

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