August 30, 2016

Puma Night Run 2016

So the haze situation became better and the Puma Night Run went ahead as scheduled. This is the 3rd edition of the race and so far each year they have managed to host it at a different location. This year, the race moves to a brand new running location in Seletar – the first time that a pure running event has been held there.

Those of us who have run or cycle in the area previously will know that the area especially around the new aerospace hub can be super hot but fortunately for runners, the race starts in the event at 6 pm for the 12km and 7 pm for the 6 km. That effectively takes care of the heat. The staggered start time also means the majority of the 2 group of runners will not meet and the route will not be congested.

The only problem with this race is also the location. It is too remote and the runners can only take the shuttle service from Punggol MRT to the race site. There is no parking facilities and getting a taxi there and subsequently back out is a nightmare with the pick and choose attitude of our taxi drivers. Other than that, it looks like one of the perfect race.

Photo Credit: Epalite of Running Shots

As per the past 2 editions, Puma has invited some celebrities to join in the run attracting the attention of their young fans though I must say a lot more runners were probably more interested in catching Pokemon than Stars.

Photo Credit Daniel from Running Shots

At the race village, Puma has thoughtfully provided entertainments with live concert, activities booth and food and drinks. Nice touch. The only puzzling thing was the lack of isotonic drinks along the route. In our weather, hydration is important especially as the race distance is 12 km.

Nevertheless, despite this small hiccup, kudos to Puma for daring to stage this race here and having something that is literally a breath of fresh air for runners more used to racing along the Marina Bay or East Coast Park.

I wonder where will they think of next? Pulau Ubin?

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