August 9, 2016

Going Going and ……

Most people know Singapore as a concrete city yet everywhere we looks there are greenery. Most estates have a small neighbour park and almost every town has at least 1 major park. In fact if one see Singapore from space, what one see is a fairly green island not just the tower and tower of building. But I believe our beloved gahmen that knows what best for us is soon going to change that. In a matter of years, it will be just all concrete grey and nothing else. No more green.

Sure we have nature reserve but those are good in name only. Even the Central Catchment Reserve is not untouchable as a mrt line is going under it and the Mandai jungle area get turns into an eco hub. Anything that brings in $$$$ is good. Nevermind the forest or the creatures that inhabits it. We can always build a few replicate of the Garden by the Bay which can meet the same purpose of greening and best of all  brings in the crowd, not those dirty hot creepy crawlies infested forests that have no facilities and is so inaccessible!

This place here is a place in Tampines not some countryside in Australia or New Zealand. Adjoining it is a quarry. Very peaceful and beautiful but I must admit infested with mozzies. It will soon be redeveloped to make way for a nice nature park which to me will brings cut down all the trees, plant some new saplings, put in some tracks and facilities and a beautiful manicured park much like the Springleaf Nature Park – boring and devoid of any soul.


This next photo is that of a place in Yishun. Just a few years ago there wee many green forests like that in Yishun. This is now one of a very small pockets remaining with the rest making ways for condominiums and industrial buildings. When will this piece follows? The gahmen seems in a extraordinary hurry to clear all the forests in Yishun so my guess will be within the next couple of years.DSC_1391

Over in Jurong which used to be a swamp, hardly any more green area is left so I was surprised to see this small patch of untamed land there. But with all the surrounding already developed I guess this place will soon go the way of the dodo bird!DSC_1443

One place that I been meaning to visit for some time but is now too late is this little piece of land in Lentor. For this place, earthwork has started and its no longer a matter of when but gone. To make way for more condominiums and other development!DSC_1462

I don’t know what the gahmen is thinking. Almost everyone I spoke to, be it the general public, the SME or the bankers – everybody know there is an oversupply of houses and industrial spaces. Yet the gahmen continues to release lands to profit driven greedy developers to build and build, nevermind that right now there is already such a big glut. Despite all that talks about being environmentally friendly blah blah blah, the gahmen is doing a double head snake. Me think the gahmen’s greed for money – capitalism they call it – has blind them to the fact that sometimes we need to slow things down a bit. One day when all the forests are gone and our already high temperature shoots up another 1 – 2 degrees, will the scholars sitting in their ivory towers then realise their mistakes or wait probably not – these people could easily just migrate to another country while we the poor folks stay here and bake!

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