The Story of the Common Mynah

I have been looking out for the Common Mynah for some time. And finally I managed to sight a pair of them just below my flat. The Common Mynah which used to be very common in Singapore is now not so common having been displaced by the migrant Javan Mynah from Java, Indonesia.


Common Myna

The Javan Mynah has thrived in Singapore through it hard work and adaptability coming out earlier to forage for food from all sources including garbage truck, food centre as well as the usual garden and fields. It builds its nest in trees and nooks and even under MRT tracks.


A pair of Javan Myna

Due to this, it is now the most common bird in Singapore displacing the Common Mynah and the Tree Sparrow. Is there a lesson for us Singaporean to learn from these birds?

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Can you spot the difference between these 2 birds?

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