April 17, 2016

Birds at Bukit Batok Nature Park

Been to Bukit Batok Nature Park twice. Saw some nice birds and the Colugo but this latest round, after hearing from friends that there were some easy to spot beautiful birds there, decided to go and kaypoh.

First thing after parking the car and out of the car park saw this guy in front of a Yellow Saraca tree snapping away. He was kind and patient enough to point out to me the Crimson, Brown Throated and Purple Throated Sunbirds pecking away at the yellow flowers. Unfortunately while the birds were much closer this time round, I only managed to get decent photos of the Brown Throated and Purple Throated Sunbirds.

Brown throated sunbird
Brown throated sunbird
Purple throated sunbird
Purple throated sunbird
Male Orange Bellied Flowerpecker
Male Orange Bellied Flowerpecker
Female Orange Bellied Flowerpecker

Further in the park saw a group of photographers leaving from the pond area. It was about 4 in the afternoon and still very hot. 2 ladies were still shooting away.  Joined them and again one of th ladies was very kind to show me what they were shooting. Some Orange Bellied Flowerpeckers.

This is the first time I seeing these beautiful birds.  There was also some Straw headed Bulbul and Dark Tailed Tailorbird around but I didn’t manage to take any of their photos. Too bad.

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