Never Stop Exploring – Mt Faber Reservoir & Japanese Tomb

One hot lazy afternoon, a few of us set out to look for the “lost” Mt Faber Reservoir. It is quite amazing that we have been to Mt Faber countless time and didn’t know there was a reservoir there. Or for that matter, a tomb of a Japanese. And how people people know there is a Merlion there as well?

So anyway, having read about the discovery of the “reservoir” last year, it became a must visit place. Then while searching how to locate it, came upon article about the tomb and so decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and visit both at the same time.

We started our exploration at the foot of Mt Faber on the Telok Blangah Road’s side. There is no direction sign but we figured that out from the vast amount of information on the net and walked in the general direction. Within 5 minutes, we hit the forest.DSC_0032

And barely after 10 minutes of walk following the trail of toilet papers hung on the branches, we came to the “reservoir”. DSC_0028

I must admit it was a rather anti-climax. The place was not as big as we expected. It was more like a small pond and looks filled with mosquitoes. Really nothing much to see there as compared to say, Tampines Quarry.

Here is a video of the reservoir from the Today newspaper.

Next we continue with our quest to find the tomb. We have read that it was on the top of the hill overlooking Keppel Harbour and so we headed up and up until we reached Mt Faber Loop. But no tomb. We were a bit disappointed. Mt Faber is not really a big place but even then, how to comb the hillside facing Keppel Harbour if we don’t even know exactly where to start? But thank goodness for Google. After some searching, we came upon a sketch map of it and surprisingly it was closed to the reservoir and not even anywhere near the top. So we backtracked. And after some walking we reached back to the reservoir and continued onto the other direction and after some climbing we found the Tomb!DSC_0037According to the inscriptions on the tomb and as reported in the papers, he was a Japanese non-military officer who came to Singapore during WW2 and died on the 18th day of the seventh month of the 17th year under the Showa era (which translates to July 1942),

So we did it. Found 2 places that time and Singapore has forgotten. Any other places that we can explore? Hmmm………

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  1. Tekko Post author

    Hi there,

    To get to the reservoir, you enter via Wishart Road. At the junction take the right path. When you reach the end of the path, just enter the forest via any visible trail. You should be able to find the reservoir easily just following any trails that look “walkable”. However, locating the Japanese tomb is not as easy. It is nearby the reservoir but there is no clear or direct way to follow. Just bash around and hopefully you can stumble upon it. It a small place so won’t get lost so easily. If you cannot find your way out subsequently, just go up and you will end up at Mt Faber Loop. Go in the morning though where you have more time to look around without fear of getting caught in the dark.
    Happy hunting.

  2. Mr Chan

    Dear Tekko

    I hope you are well. I am Mr Chan. I read your post on Mt Faber Reservoir & Japanese Tomb, 29 March 2016. I would like to explore the place and find the Tomb for historical interest and respect. May I have some guidance from you on how to walk the way to that place?

    Mr Chan

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