March 27, 2016

Colbar Cafe

I finally managed to drop in to Colbar at Portsdown. Its fame has preceded it and I was looking to the visit.

First impression when I first arrived was good. There was the old style shop front much like those I seen in my army days in the rural areas. There was a big counter and a few small table. DSC_0046

Next to this place was a room with a few dining tables. Very nostalgic looking like an old school canteen or those sarabat stallDSC_0047

Amazingly, these place was relocated from its original location at Jalan Hang Jebat and the premises was moved piece by piece and restored to 100%. At least, that what these history boards said.DSC_0048

The place served mainly beers where I believe it got its fame as a place to chill out. It also serves food –  the ubiquitous Western food cooked the local Hainanese style as well as local zhi-zhar food.  By and large, the food served remind me of the Western food served at those Western food outlets at our hawker centre and Hans.

Egg Omu12524361_10209405141309285_4216225832588270725_n

Hor Fun12439406_10209405141069279_8334338193621468858_n

Sirloin Steak1618589_1329120223768572_5238955164279648416_n

Grilled Chicken12717888_1329120177101910_980777788768870641_n

The serving are quite standard.  But the prices are not. The zhi-zhar prices per dishes ranges from $7 to $9. The above sirloin steak cost $22.90 and the grilled chicken which the ladies claimed was more fried than grilled cost $11.00.  For a place without aircon, it is pretty pricey. And how about taste? Let’s put it that way – I tasted much better similar food at hawker centre for half the price. And if I have to pay so much for these type of standard, I might as well go to Hans.

The only saving grace was the large selection of beer from all over the world.12809741_10209405140469264_1768161526601856356_n

 We had 2.12901042_10154025764624395_3908265612733439386_oI supposed it is a pretty cool place to unwind after a hard day work and relaxed with the gentle breeze but definitely not the place to go if you hanker for a good dinner.

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