February 1, 2016

KTM Resort, Batam

It has been such a long time that I been to Batam. So for M’s big 50, decided to bring her over there for a day of pampering and relaxation. Unfortunately due to a packed weekend schedule, we could not stay overnight and has to be contend with just a day trip.

After looking at the options available, we decided on KTM Resort for a 150 minutes of scrub and massage. Plus hopefully nuaing around the swimming pool and even out the tan lines.

Our first stop after reaching the resort was therefore the Spa Village. To reach there, we have to walk by this nice little row of partially sheltered walkway. Each shelter comes with a large hammock and 2 deck chairs in between. In front is the sea and behind is the pool and a lagoon.DSC_0488

The massage room comes with its own jacuzzi bath tubDSC_0474

And some with single or 2 or 3 beds. The best thing is all the rooms face the sea. And no air con. The room is cooled by fan and the sea breeze.DSC_0478

The therapist are no young ladies but ladies in their mid forties which mean they are more experience. Indonesian massage is more gentle and soothing and relax unlike the type I usually get in Singapore which is more teh sports massage type.

Unfortunately after lunch, it started to rain and because we had no room to check in, we were stucked. The therapist allowed us to take shelter in one of the massage room and we laze around until the sun came out DSC_0486

We went to the pool but barely 10 minutes later it started to rain again and so we ended up in the restaurant until our departure back to Sekupang Ferry Terminal. What a bummer!

The resort looks pretty clean.  The rooms on top of the hill look great. There are water sports available. But other than that, it can be quite boring with just 1 restaurant and nothing much else.DSC_0480

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