February 21, 2016

Bedok Marketplace

Many years ago when policemen worn shorts. Bedok Marketplace was known as Simpang Bedok. There was a wet market where the food stalls are now and the ground floor where the supermarket now stands is a food centre. Or at least that what’s I remember of that one time I went there in the mid eighties before it was closed down and went into a very long phase of transformation.

After the market and food centre closed down, Far East Organisation took over but that venture didn’t last long. Over the years, while the shops surrounding it flourish and became a halal food hub, the food stalls on the 2nd floor floundered.

Now there is a new operator. The place is still called The Bedok Marketplace.DSC_0606

But it has gone up market a bit. Much like Pasar Bella, there are now less stalls but each stall sells pretty interesting stuff. I like to think of this as the Salut or Essen equivalent of the East with  more and better options include local food like Seng’s Wanton noodles and bak kut teh although the latter was not open when we were there in the night.

Beside food, there is plenty of nostalgia as the dress are decorated like shop houses of the early days.DSC_0602 DSC_0600 DSC_0608

Appearance is nice but how about the food? First glance the prices look very reasonable with items starting from below $10.00. And there are beer outlets, local food like wanton mee, frog porridge, bak kut teh. Also several interesting looking western food stalls and 1 seafood stall and 1 ice cream pancake.

Definitely will be back to check out the food.

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