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January 6, 2016

The Barn

Normally when I go travel, I try to stay in a slightly more comfortable place with a proper attached toilet and comfortable beds. On the NZ trip, the booking of the accommodation as with everything else was done by the ladies. One of the place that they booked for us to stay at was “The Barn”. 01-DSC05235

Frankly I had no idea what sort of place it was but from their exciting chatter, I gather it was some kind of farm stay. I am fine with farm stay so I didn’t really bothered to ask further just that I heard it was rustic. And so when we reached the Barn, I had no idea what I was in for. But the first look at where we were sleeping was rather interesting. It was a barn all right.But what we didn’t realise was it was not a barn converted to living quarter. It was still a real barn as  it has:

An axe for chopping firewood but which reminds me of …………
Some sort of harness
Bit of pieces of junk and machinery lying all over
Stack of Hay
The lower deck of the Barn

And these are on the ground floor. Our quarter were up stair. Quite quaint and rustic, I must admit.

Bed no 1 with a settee in front of it
Cooking stove and wash basin
Bed no 2
A fire stove where we have to keep adding the firewood it keep the fire going

There was no central heating, no air conditioning, no tv and worse no wifi 🙁

And then we didn’t figure out the next bit until it was too late 05-DSC05215There was no “real hot water”. There was some sort of heater but half the time the water was too cold and to stand butt naked in the semi open bathroom waiting for the water to heat up? Brrrr. And did I mentioned that the bath room has no door and only a shower curtain?

And our toilet was on the ground floor as well. It looks pretty nice right? Did I mention it is actually an outhouse and we have to brave the cold to get to it?10-DSC05218

And this is the inside of the toilet. Looks clean and neat until we open the WC and realise it is all natural with no water flushing! OMG!  They call it the Longdrop. Luckily it didn’t smell as bad as it looks as the owner puts in sulphur, some sort of worms to digest all the gooey things inside.09-DSC05217

So half the time we were half frozen. Thank goodness the ladies had bought lot of food from the supermarket and for the 2 nights we were there, they cook up some pretty tasty stuff. Breakfast was home made croissants and jam and fresh eggs from the many hens running around.

Now apart from the lack of central heating, hot water, flushing toilet, wifi, tv….. everything else was almost perfect. The grounds were beautifully decorated with quaint little things like

A hobbit house20-DSC05245

Pooh House15-DSC05228

A beautiful little stream03-DSC05242 To get the the Barn with our luggages, we have to cross this bigger stream02-DSC05240

And the owner has to use her 4×4 to send us over08-DSC05606

But there is a suspension bridge which brings us to the main house where the owner stays if we just need to go over without any luggage18-DSC05237

Beside these, there was an outdoor bathtub (wonder who will want to soak there in the cold?), other quirky stuff plus chicken, ducks and the odd cows running around’07-DSC05595 04-DSC05563

So despite the lack of creature comfort, I did enjoy my stay at the Barn. Quite an interesting experience and for city folks like us. For those looking for something different, this could be it. Well worth braving the cold!

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