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January 10, 2016

Expensive but Good – Park Bench Deli

It was not so long ago that I ate my first “atas” sandwich. Before that, sandwich to me was 2 slices of white bread with a piece or 2 of luncheon meat or fried egg.  Then came Delifrance with its croissant and baguette ‘wich which changed the meaning of sandwich for Singapore. But it was only when Subway came that eating sandwiches as a main meal became mainstream and soon all sort of sandwich joints which charges an arm and a leg started sprouting all over especially in town.

One of the latest to open is Park Bench Deli, a small little outlet in Chinatown.DSC_0389 Now I really don’t know why they need to devote such big space to the kitchen and left the dining area with just 3 rows of benches but I guess they probably thinking sandwiche is still pretty much a takeaway thing.

What so unique about this place is that beside the usual beef, chicken and turkey sandwich, it has a “kong bak” pau sandwich which is braised pork stewed Vietnamese style. And it cost $16 for one! We had 3 different type of sandwiches so one can imagine how expensive it is nowadays to eat bread! No more jokes about no money to eat lunch and can only afford bread. Not at this type of prices!

This is the cross section of the kong bak pau sandwich. Looks at the fatty succulent piece of pork in the teeny weeny sweetish sauce.DSC_0392

The opened up section of hte sandwich.

And cross section of the 3 different type of sandwiches which my lunch companions had. Pork, beef and turkey.DSC_0394But apart from the expensive price, this is seriously good stuff. Too bad that this can only be reserved for the occasional treats. Not when I can have 3 Subway for the price of 1.

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