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January 23, 2016

Cheap and Good – Spinach Soup

There this new stall that opens at Amoy recently. It caught my attention because it had a very interesting signboard.DSC_0440

A stall selling only spinach? Popeye eats spinach and get magic strength. Will I get the same from eating from this stall? And how does spinach soup which actually sounds very yucky and bland taste like?

But there is always a queue so it should be fairly good right? So I joined the queue one day. While queuing up, I noticed that some people around who were eating it, their soup was reddish. Tom Yum spinach soup?

Turn out the stall don’t just sell soup with spinach. There are 2 options – with mushroom, prawn and eggs or salted & century eggs. Other ingredient for both options include minced meat and wolfberry.  A bowl cost only $3.50 . Add $0.50 for either rice, bee hoon or macaroni.

I ordered the mushroom and prawn with thick bee hoon.DSC_0451

First taste and it was bland. Real bland. No wonder the juice seller described it as sick people food when I told her about it. So how to eat? Then I remember the reddish soup that the other people were having. In addition to the usual cut chillies with soya sauce, the stall also provide sambal belecan.  I got a small saucer of it.  They also sell a small bottle at $5 each.DSC_0455And I did what I guess the other people do. Pour the sambal into the soup. Instantly the soup taste much better!  But I must admit although the portion is quite big, it wasn’t enough to keep me full.

I ordered the other version the next round though. With macaronic as they have ran out of bee hoon. This is the clear version before adding in the sambal. DSC_0454

This is the after versionDSC_0456

I would say this is a cheap option for those who wants a healthy and not too full lunch beside the usual salad or fish soup.

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