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December 15, 2015

New Zealand Day 12 Cockles Harvesting

Back in Auckland we wanted to go to the Zoo but our host said the Auckland Zoo pales in comparison with our Singapore Zoo and it was not worth going. Instead, they brought us to harvest cockles.

I have no idea what that entails. I didn’t fancy the idea of swimming in icy cold water but it sounds fun and was something mountain tortoise like us have not done before.

The beach was beautiful and to our surprise harvesting cockles was as easy as ABC. Just wade into the water, put our hands into the sand and scoop.04-DSC05882

And volia, one pail full of cockles05-DSC05897New Zealand has a rule prohibiting the over harvesting of cockles. Each person is only allowed to collect 50 cockles. So between the 5 of us we have 250. Not bad for a half an hour effort.15-20151121_101954

Our host then brought us to another part of the beach where there was a park and at the park there were electric grill! And boy oh boy, the fresh cockles tasted damn good cooked over the electric grill!39-20151121_112737The ladies also found some oyster at this beach and added them to the barbecue. I think this has got to be one of the best shellfish meal ever! And certainly a very much better alternative than going to the zoo.

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