November 26, 2015

New Zealand Day 2 Auckland Botanic Gardens

On the second day of our trip to New Zealand, we went to the Auckland Botanic Gardens. This makes it the 3rd Botanic Gardens that we have visited on our travel, the first one being the Glasgow Botanic Garden and the second one being the Edinburgh Botanic Garden.

The Auckland Botanic Gardens is a 64 hectares garden with different theme areas and a 10 hectares of native forest. Unfortunately our time only allowed us to visit a small area so we went straight to the Rose Garden where we saw many many many different color roses.14-20151111_111627

There are also many other colorful flowers and plants much more than what we have in Singapore. Here are just some of them.07-DSC03484 06-DSC03476 37-DSC03572 31-DSC03560

Beside flowers, there are plants such as ferns, cactus, palms and many interesting looking species43-DSC03596 57-DSC03637 60-DSC0365102-DSC03648

And of course where there are plants and flowers, there are birds. With my travel lens I was not able to take many of the birds but was still able to shoot a few quite decent bird photos.17-DSC03523


It would have been nice if we have more time there what with the nice weather but unfortunately being on a travel and with many places to cover, time is a luxury and we had to go on to our next place….

More photos here

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