November 24, 2015

New Zealand Day 1 – Mt Hobson Auckland

Most tourist goes to the main place of interest in a country. We started our trip to New Zealand with a short hike up to Mt Hobson. Huh Mt what? Where is it?

One will be hard pressed to find Mt Hobson in any of the tourist literature for NZ but for us, it was a stone throw away from our host place in Auckland and with some time to kill before dinner, we had to of course explore it.


Mt Hobson is actually a volcano but standing at 143 metres, it is very accessible. But of course the volcano is long gone and what is left now is a beautiful hill with panoramic view of the Auckland town and the Hobson Bay.22-DSC03394

There are beautiful wild flowers 08-DSC03361 27-DSC03410

And nice shady trails 02-DSC03360

A walk through the whole place takes approximately about an hour including some huffing and puffing up the hill but it is all so worth it.

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