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September 4, 2015

A Hot and Heaty Affair

Last weekend I did a 21km run.  Nothing unusual as that is quite normal for long run on weekends.  What was unusual was that it took much longer than the usual 21 km run.

For this particular run last weekend, I took a massive 3 hours 17 minutes. Ok admittedly this run route was what I called the Mother of all 21 km run in Singapore because it involves going up and down 3 of the highest hills in Singapore so the timing is always gonna be longer than the usual.  I try to do this route at least once a month and so far the timing has vary widely

April: 2:50; May 2:41; June 2:48 and August 2:59 and last week 3:17

So what accounts for the fluctuation?  Apart from toilet and water breaks and stopping to take photos, the first 4 runs were more or less still within acceptable range of 10 minutes but the last one was horrendous. And I think the reason was the heat. It was unbearably hot towards the 2nd half of the run and all the energy just sapped away and I just felt so weak. I walked up Vigilante Dr, Pepys Hill, even part of Kent Ridge Park, the Canterbury Estate and finally walked the entire length of the Forest Walk.

And I think that is the toughest part of running in Singapore. The heat. Many people think Singapore is all flat and easy to run but with our heat and humidity, running is definitely not easy. Which is why most of our races here flag off at insane hours in the morning from 4.30 am for a full or even half marathon to 6 am for 10 km races. Tomorrow I have another long run and if my experience during the last run along this particular route is repeated, I think I am going to wither and die under the heat.

It going to be  a long hot and heaty affair tomorrow! For all those doing the Craze Ultra tomorrow, Gambete!

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