August 2, 2015

Sungei Tampines

In 2012, when I moved back to Pasir Ris, I wrote about Sungei Tampines. One of the thing that I noticed very starkly about this “river” is that it is basically a bald concrete drain and how I wish they will plant some creepers or plants on the side to soften the look.

Photo taken in 2012

I would like to think that someone out there has heard me cause today that bald concrete bank is no more. Here is a close up of the new bank.1-ACR_2870It is so lush now that I almost missed the heron standing next to it.

Just for comparison, this is the former Sungei Tampines (between Street 1 & Street 3) next to the Pasir Ris Town Park in 2012. Note the side wall along the river bank.DSCN0087-5B1600x1200-5DThis is today a few months after the Active Beautiful Clean Water program initiated by the PUB.1-ACR_2851

This is the the river on the other side of Drive 1 between Drive 1 and Tampines Expressway.1-ACR_2853It is so much more beautiful now and now there are herons, egrets, terns and even the otters have been spotted in the waters.

So the authorities have gone one full circle. This river i presumed must once have been a flowing natural river before some first generation authorities decided to turn this and all the other rivers into what it called “canal”. Now it has realised its mistake and slowly but surely we are beginning to see the revitalisation of the rivers.

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  • Xin Li

    Hi Tekko,

    I see
    did the contestant seek your prior permission? =\

    Xin Li

    Xin Li
  • Post authorTekko

    Hi there,

    Thank you very much for informing me. The Tampines Town Council has informed me about this as well.

  • Xin Li

    Good Evening Tekko,

    Spotted this entry on the “My Favourite Place in Tampines” Art Competition 2016
    A person named Su Fengkun has used one of the photographs for an entry in the Open Category and was awarded second prize, the watermark has been removed and I wonder if you were aware of it?


    Xin Li

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