Singapore Botanic Garden

Singapore has its first UNESCO World Heritage site and that is the Singapore Botanic Garden.

I decided to pay a visit there since the last time i was there was quite some time ago and beside due to the Singapore 50 Jubilee, admission to the Orchid Garden was free.

This is the most recognisable face of the SBG – the Bandstand18-DSC02128Then there is this famous Tembusu Tree where in the past people loves to sit on the long big branch. Unfortunately, like human being, it has grown weak with age and today it is fenced off and the long branch is now supported with pillars.21-DSC02139

The SBG has 3 lakes – Swan Lake which is the oldest lake; the Symphony Lake and Eco Lake.

Swan Lake is the most popular lake being the oldest and most accessible next to the main entrance. The star attraction is of course the pair of swan there. Nowadays, there is another attraction – a pair of sea eagle which have been seen performing aerial stunt around the lake!1-DSC02143

Symphony Lake is not so much valued for its lake which is pretty small by the way but for the many concerts performed there on weekends on the stage on the lake.22-DSC02147

The last big lake is the new kid on the block the Eco Lake. There are more birds here including a pair of Black Swan and Lesser Whistling Ducks23-DSC0214810-SBG_3055 08-SBG_3071The other attractions at SBG are the many themed areas including the world famous Orchid Garden which also include a Cool House and a Bromeliad garden.15-DSC02112 12-SBG_2946 13-SBG_2957 1-SBG_2973

Other places include the Cacti area, the Evolution Garden, Ginger Garden, Sculptures, Healing Garden and a whole lot of interesting themed places.1-DSC0213119-DSC02133 03-SBG_3118 16-SBG_2987

11-SBG_2931But what I like about the place is the greenery, the wide open ground and the many birds that call the SBG home.
2-DSC02145 4-DSC0212506-SBG_310002-SBG_3126Absolutely first class and well worthy of the UNESCO World Heritage Site award. Check it out!

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