July 2, 2015

Salut Coffeeshop

DSC_0376Just another HDB coffee shop? Or so it will appear from this photo. Situated in the heart of Alexandra Village, this looks like but is anything from an ordinary coffee shop. Firstly, you won’t find your typical Chicken Rice, Noodles or Vegetables Rice.  Instead, this coffee shop sells only “ang moh” food. And to add to its “ang moh” tag, it is also very “high class” in a restaurant sort of way.

First, you need to queue up or make a reservation just to get a table.DSC_0377Then if you want to bring your own wine, you got to pay corkage. And mind you, there is no waiter or waitress to do the pouring for you. It entirely self service so I not too sure why they charging $15 for corkage.DSC_0389Coffeeshop ambience, no air con, no service and yet to get a table, we had to make a reservation. So what is the draw at this place?

It the food. This coffee shop sells only “ang moh” food like burger, wings, pasta, sausage, French food and craft beer!

This is the main stall and the equivalent of the zhi zhar stall at normal coffeeshop. There is even a counter at one of the pillar to take the food order. This stall sells food the equivalent of the noodles like pasta.
DSC_0388These two sell burger and French food.DSC_0387This one sells fish and chips and all things fishy
DSC_0386 This is the dessert stalls and sells all sort of nice looking cakes. DSC_0385 Saved the best for last. This one has kickass fried chicken wings!DSC_0384We didn’t realise one got to make reservation at this place. We were lucky we came early and managed to get an empty table.  And these are what we ordered.

A whole grill fish which costs $18.00DSC_0383

Fish and chips for $10.00DSC_0381Portobello mushroom for $8.00DSC_0382A beef burger with added bacon which costs a whooping $18.00
DSC_0378And 4 chicken wings fo $8.00DSC_0375All these plus 2 beers caused us slightly over $80.00. Not cheap by coffee shop standard but cheap if compared to restaurant. But price is one thing. How about the food? Judging from the crowd, most seems to think the food is worth the price and the wait nevermind the ulu location.

I be back for the French food and the stew and dessert.


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