May 28, 2015

Kluang Rail Coffee

I was told that when in Kluang, we have to drink the famous Kluang Rail Coffee. So after our hike, we decided to adjourn to one of the outlets since we had passed by a few on our way to Gunung Lambak. To our surprise, instead of stopping at one of the mall, our driver brought us to this place.22-IMG_8740Instead of bringing us to one of the air con branches, our driver brought us to the original outlet at the Kluang KTM station. It looks like a more modernised sarabat stall. And the place was packed. The prices of the drinks and snacks seem pretty reasonable.20-IMG_8734

And this is my coffee. Is it really that good? 21-IMG_8737Unfortunately because I was craving for some sugar, I didn’t order the kosong. The sweetness of the condensed milk and sugar drowns out the flavour of the coffee but still I think it was a pretty fragrant cup of coffee but not one that I will specially goes all the way to Kluang for.

One interesting thing about the place and as I understand is common in Malaysia is that the stall will leaves small packet of nasi lemak or bee hoon on the table and those who want to eat just help themselves and pay up later. The whole system is build on trust.11059918_10207047836818146_3489308428716071909_n

I think such a system won’t work here in Singapore. What is going to happen is they will eat it and discreetly throw the wrappers away and don’t pay.

Anyway, eating and drinking at this laid back place was real cool. Too bad we didn’t have time to hang around longer as we had to rush off for the real meal.

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