Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden

Made an exciting discovery  that somewhere in Tampines, there was a butterfly garden!

First opportunity available, grab the camera and went there to see what was available.

Turned out it was a real mini butterfly garden but it was the first time I ever see so many butterfly in one location. But as usual, I was lazy and just snap away, handheld without any tripod.

Mottled Emigrant
Lime Butterfly

Mottled Emigrant (Female)

Plain Tiger

Chocolate Pansy

Orange Emigrant

6 Replies to “Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden”

  1. TwerPiaK

    hi there, could I have your permission to use your photos for a presentation? I’ll put ‘photos courtesy of Terry Koh’. Can?

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like the Mottled Emigrant and the Orange Emigrant are over-populated the Tampines Changkat Butterfly garden… trying to get enough catepillars @Lime Butterfly and Plain Tiger Butterfly, to breed and release.

  3. Commander

    Some nice shots there, Koh. The ID’s of the rest of the shots are : #1 : Mottled Emigrant(Male), #2 : Lime Butterfly, #3 : Mottled Emigrant (Female), #4 : Plain Tiger, #5 : Chocolate Pansy, #6 : Orange Emigrant (incorrectly labeled as Common Grass Yellow)
    Visit http://www.butterflycircle.blogspot.com for more butterfly information.

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