Kapok (Cotton) Tree

I was walking along the park connector next to Sungei Tampines at Pasir Ris when I saw a lot of cotton wool on the ground. Later, I remarked to M that some inconsiderate people had a pillow fight there. She laughed and told me I so goodnu. The cotton were from the Kapok Tree lining the river.

So the next day I went again and this time I saw this. Cotton bud from a pod on the ground!
I looked up and was amazed to see this tree and a few others along the whole stretch.

And there were plenty of bud on the trees including some that has burst open.
Picked up a pod from the ground and bought it home for a close up shot
The cotton inside the pod. 

And to think that I have passed this place countless time and never noticed them before until now. Sometime I really need to stop running and smell the flowers!

3 Replies to “Kapok (Cotton) Tree”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Tekko. Yeah, long time no see. Yup, I stay in PR. I’ve gone into semi-retirement from running now because of a bustered left knee. I swim more nowadays, all the more convenient with the recently opened PR swimming pool in July. Cheers!

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, that’s near where I live. I’ve noticed this kapok tree as well and wondered how many pods of kapok do I need to fill up a pillow. Haha…. When I was young, I heard stories of pontianaks living in kapok trees…..

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