Lorong Halus Wetland

Singapore has a new nature playground. The Lorong Halus Wetland between Pasir Ris and Ponggol. The Wetland is build on landfill from trash but looking at it, one can never talk. It looks so clean and green. And apparently there are birds galore. More about the Lorong Halus Wetland here.

The site map of the Lorong  Halus Wetland

The welcome board at Pasir Ris Farmway

Using an innovative bio-remediation system, the PUB has designed the Lorong Halus Wetland to collect and treat water passing through the former landfill, preventing it from flowing into Serangoon River. The various reed and ponds traps and filter the ‘dirty’ stuff and prevent them from floating into the river which has become a reservoir. 

This bridge over the Serangoon River links Lor Halus to Ponggol
A cluster of food outlets at the Ponggol Promenade
The park connector at Ponggol which goes all the way to Hougang
The TPE that spans Serangoon River and divides Sengkang and Ponggol
Artificial plant resembling lallang that is supposed to light up at night
The real thing
Unique looking toilet along Ponggol Promenade
Serangoon River with the dam at the end
The trail that runs parallel to the river and leads to the dam
A closer look at the dam
After the dam – the sea 
The Ponggol housing estate in the background

7 Replies to “Lorong Halus Wetland”

  1. Anonymous

    Try this facebook blog for map and route :-


    The entire Punggol connector cycling CIRCUIT from –

    Sengkang east park to Punngol East, Promenade riverside walk, Punggol point, Sungei Punggol, Punggol Marina, Seng kang –

    will be ready by September 2011 (URA information).

  2. Tekko

    Hi anonymous.
    At the moment, the park connector at Punggol side is still not fully completed but once this is done, one should be able to walk, run or cycle there from Halus without going onto the main road.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, thanks for the pictures. Do you know if we can now get from the Halus Wetlands to Punggol point, without going into the main roads traffic (by bike of course).

  4. Brandon

    Hey there!

    I was wondering, can I get from Lorong Halus Wetland over to Pasir Ris Park now? Is the connector completed?


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