August 5, 2009

Uniquely Singapore 5 – National Symbols

Singapore as the t-shirts loudly proclaim is a ‘fine’ country. Fine as in pay money fine and not nice nice fine. We get fine for spitting, littering, walking, smoking, drawing, eating, drinking, chewing, feeding, plucking, stopping, – well anything that can be legally done – there is a ‘fine’ version. And just in case you don’t know which one activities can kena fine, the gahmen has very helpfully come out with a range of signs ranging from the simple single sign to the mother of all sign.
A single sign
A dual sign
A triple layer sign
A quartet of sign
And finally the mother of all signs – a powkaleow 5 in one sign

Do I see a Guiness Book entry here? And anyone seen a 6-in-one sign?