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March 15, 2009

A New Addition to the Family

So finally after what? 9 years – we did the unthinkable. We obliged the little Princess and fulfilled her wish which she had since P1 and got her this:The guy at the shop said to toilet train the dog, need to keep the dog in its cage for at least 2 weeks and not let it roam around. That’s seem so cruel. True or not? Anybody can suggest any better way to toilet train the dog?

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  • Tekko

    Hi Susan,

    I think she is old enough to be responsible for it now. It helps that I love animals. Pets are good for reducing stress:)

    Ah Roo – my picture taking skill so bad u can’t see which breed?

  • Roo

    what’s the breed?

  • Miao Miao

    Wat finally made you all relent to your princess’ wish. I am still rejecting Vanessa’s wish to rear hamsters to-date. Can’t stand pets!

    Miao Miao
  • Shionge

    Very very cute 🙂

    After three yeas my Brother finally manage to train his dog to pee near the toilet at home..let’s see cane? Cruel too so wish you luck Koh.


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