5 Days Work Week

According to NMP Loo Choon Yong,  the move in 2004 to move to a 5 days work week has not resulted in any improvement in fertility rate for Singapore. He is therefore is calling for a review of the 5 days works week (gasp no more Saturday running!!! die ),

I swear I didn’t know that the gahmen came up with the 5 days work week to boost the population. I thought it was for us to take time off to relax, run errands and do bonding with family and friends. 

Now I have been enlightened. So if you don’t see me running on Saturdays from now on, you know I am doing my little bit of ‘national service’ for the country. Only problem is, first I need to find a willing erh… ‘co-worker’. Any volunteersJ

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  1. Miao Miao

    Dr Loo is a very good doctor. My in-laws’ doctor before he set up Raffles MG, and before they moved house. About 10+ yrs ago, he ‘saved’ my MIL in a way. She went to him for second opinion. Bcos of his diagnosis, an angioplasty was done immediately. Other doctors before him dismissed her symptoms. MIL still around, aged 76.

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