Tong Shui Cafe

Went to the Tong Shui outlet at Zion Road. After hearing so much about it, was surprised that it was practically empty when we walked in. Only 2 other tables were occupied and when they left, we were the only one left.

We ordered a thick toast with durian puree. Felt that the durian puree was very sweet. Did they add sugar to it?
We also had the mango pudding which I thought tasted rather ordinary. And why is it that everybody nowadays die die must add those irritating tasteless ‘pearl’ thingy?
The last order was a hot black and white dish – the almond and sesame paste. I think the paste from the Chinatown stall is so much better. This one is too thin and more like a soup than a paste.
So maybe now I know why it is so deserted.