Aston’s Specialities

Finally managed to go to Aston and no need to queue. The secret? Go after lunch. To be precise, we went after 2.45.

Now know why there is a perpetual queue outside. The main course is only $10.90 and it comes with 2 sides (which can choose from a wide range)

We ordered 2 sirloin and 2 back pepper steak and all choose different sides.
The food took a while to come though but it was worth the wait. Portion was decent and the steak was cooked just right (although I thought the ladies’ was overdone) but they insist it was just nice.

One thing though plain ice water cost $0.30. Nevertheless, it is a place worth revisiting.

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  1. Tekko

    Hello there such a thing know as the YP, also got Call Search, also got the internet – find sure got address:) ha ha just kidding – it’s in East Coast Rd but I believe they have opened a new outlet in the west not too sure where though

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