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July 21, 2005

Old people unites

Just discovered my 11 years old daughter got a blog. Got her to show me how to do this. Can’t believe kids nowadays. The things they know. Just 5 minutes ago, was using IM to talk to my 14 year old son in the next room. That got his attention straight away – otherwise he forever glued to the com.

If old froggers like us don’t catch up with the young, we will fall behind – at work and in life and the generation gap will grow wider and wider and the young punks in the office will climb all over. The bossess will think we are idiots and make us report to these young jokers if we are lucky or worse get them to replace us!

All people above 40 – rise up and take the challenge – learn as much as you can and keep yourself healthy so that you will forever have the ability and energy to keep up with the youngster.