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July 23, 2005

Middle Ageism

Read Mr Brown’s article in Today (22 July 2005) on middle age. Like him, I went out and bought a load of Star Wars figurines when the movie Revenge of the Sith was run. These now sits proudly in the display cupboard with the Ultraman collections which replaced the tea pot collections.

You know you are old or middle age (politically correct terminology I suppose?)when

1. It takes you 3 months of hard running to lose 0.5 cm off your waist or 1 kg of weight but 1 nice buffet to gain 1 cm and 1 kg weight

2. You thought of having sex every night and that’s all you do – think about it cos you are asleep the minute you lie down on the bed

3. You fall asleep in the middle of Friends, CSI, Charmed and Smallville

4. You wake up at 8 am on a weekend morning to watch Astroboy and Justice League

5. Your idea of a night out is supper at the Bedok South Hawker centre eating bak-chor mee.

Then I read in some articles that exercise will increase your metabolism and help to loose weight, keep your mind alert so you don’t fall asleep in the middle of the meeting or in front of the telly and best of all improve your sex life.

So encouraged by this and since it was the cheapest and easiest, I took to running. I have never been good at running, running only when the IPPT was around the corner. Even then, it was not a problem passing the IPPT not in good time but nevertheless, still a pass. But not having run since reaching the big 4 and no more IPPT or ICT, when I first resume running at the ripe old age of 41, it was a nightmare! I could barely made 10 minutes and the next day the whole body felt like it was going to shatter with every step I took.

Running sucks!

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  • mb

    It always feels like crap the first time running after a long while (in my case, 15 years). So keep at it, trust me, it gets better.

    My first time was no better. I ran one round around the 400m track and almost died.

    But after a few weeks, i could run 6 rounds without stopping.

    Don’t give up. Run gently, don’t go for speed or distance first. Just get your body moving, and little by little, those old muscles will start to get good again.

    Do remember to warm up first, and after running, warm down. If you do not stretch adequately before and after the run, you will feel the aches the next 2 days even more, and possibly even hurt yourself.

    All the best in your new running adventure!


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